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Omar Rahim and Krista Langberg
in Susan Marshall's "Most Dangerous Room"
Photo by Geoffrey M. Hansen

Susan Marshall & Company

Omar originated roles in two productions with SM&Co: The Most Dangerous Room in the House (1997/1998), and The Descent Beckons (1999/2000). Susan’s choreographic process for those works consisted of an intense period of structured improvisations early on followed by rehearsal periods dedicated to honing, shaping and connecting the new dance vocabulary into a dance narrative. By working with Susan and the company, Omar became a participant in and observer of one of the most innovative choreographic processes in the dance world. Susan Marshall, winner of numerous awards and citations, was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship, also known as the Genius Grant, in 2000 establishing her as one of the world’s most important and critically-acclaimed choreographers of our time.

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