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‘The Guru'

In May 2001, Omar was approached to audition for a small cameo in a Universal Studios/Working Title Production called ‘The Guru’. Omar was cast as the Indian prince, appearing in the old-fashioned film-within-a-film that became a leitmotif in the Bollywood-infused romantic comedy. Omar was also invited to join a small team of consultants who assisted the award-winning L.A.-based choreographer of the film, Mary-Ann Kellogg, who was unfamiliar with the Bollywood genre. Omar assisted in choreographing multiple sections of the film including the old-world Bollywood segment in which he appeared on-screen, the grand Grease section featuring Heather Graham, Jimmy Mistry and a chorus of over 40 dancers, as well as the film’s finale with the entire cast of the film.

Omar Rahim as the Indian Prince in the movie "The Guru" Courtesy of Universal Studios
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