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Pakistan’s ‘Lux Style Awards’

In 2003, Omar was the sole choreographer for the LSA. He choreographed four dances for four original works of music which were composed by Shahzad “Shahi” Hasan with Omar’s input. Conceptually, each piece of music corresponded to a specific raag – or musical scale – in Pakistani music. Each composition was also linked to a color – reflecting a particular Lux beauty product. Omar created four dances which marked different times, moods and themes. The white section, for example, featured Sufi-infused spirituality and depicted the mood of the early morning raga Bhairan. The purple section, depicting the late night raga Joshila was themed ‘Carnivale’. Omar also choreographed a medley of three songs from popular films released that year – including one song from ‘Shararat’ and two from ‘Yeh Dil Aapka Hua’. This film medley was the show-stopping finale of the LSA 2003.

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