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Omar was featured in a June 2010 Asia Society Report entitled Making a Difference through the Arts -- Strengthening America's Links with Asian Muslim Communities. In the words of the lead writer, Dartmouth professor Theodore Levin, Omar's life and work "offers an exceptional example of how talent, tenacity, and a few lucky breaks came together to build a multifaceted career that has made important contributions to strengthening cosmopolitanism and global cultural pluralism." The report is available for download on the Asia Society website.


In addition, Omar has been selected to become an Asia 21 Young Leader by the Asia Society in New York. As a delegate to this year’s Asia 21 Young Leader’s Summit to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia in December 2010, Omar will join other selected delegates with diverse backgrounds from across Asia and the United States to deliberate on a wide-ranging agenda centered on the most pressing issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.